Performance of Multibagger Stocks given in 2016

Dear friends, 2016 was an eventful year with lot of surprises. Year started with crude prices which saw a major breakdown, Nifty falling to 6800 levels and then we saw a mega Bull run where Nifty touched 8900 levels in a span of 8 months. Along with this, we saw major international events like BREXIT and Donald Trump being elected as US President which caused the markets to crash but only for a day. But the major event which hampered our market was Demonetization taken by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Today we are giving summary of our overall multibbagger stocks given in 2016 which created huge wealth for our investors and subscribers who followed stock recommendations given on your favourite platform, irrespective of any event global or national event.

34 thoughts on “Performance of Multibagger Stocks given in 2016

      1. Arvind sir happy New year.
        Sir I request u to give one multibagger stock like marks and pharma

  1. Sir, Need your views on GTL infrastructure, SDR process is underway and has to be concluded in 210 days and induction of new investor within 18 months. So whats ur call on this?

    1. Hi, Alpesh – Infra/realty sector is going to be the bullish sector of 2017, last year we predicted Metals and Sugar sector will be the bullish and see yourself all stocks gave average 200% returns in just one year, now its turn of Infra/ Realty sector, we will advice you to hold GTL infra for long term, as we say when trend is upwards, everything goes up. We wish you all the best !

  2. Arvind Ji , please give your view on Cochin minerals , for long term and can this give substantial returns.

  3. Dear Arvind sir. God bless you for your selfless service. It is very difficult to find a person like. I appreciate your effort to help the investors like me. Thank you very much.

  4. Happy new year
    Joined this group on my birthday and looks very informative
    Keep up the tremendous good work it is amazing
    I want some information on nbcc now the price is around 250 cum bonus
    How is the future if we buy now and hold for a year

  5. Hi Arvind Sir, I am holding SBI (Future Lot ofJanuary qty 3000) at 246 level. Please suggest what should I do. Should I hold for more time or exist in current level. Nifty is rocking today but SBI is not moving.

  6. Hi Arvindji !
    I am @ US and would like to know if you have any knowledge or experience in US market too, if so please recommend and share your view.
    Thanks !

    1. Dear Sanjay Vyas;

      I will suggest a buy on Nvidia ( Ticker : NVDA ) has a great future.Current price $106

  7. Hi sir

    I am holding Eros international and future retails.what is the status of these 2 company.i can hold fr another 3 to 6 months.

  8. Arvind Sirji,
    I’m long term investor with min 2-3 years view.please advice for :
    Divi’s Pharma
    Indo Count
    ICICI Pru Insurance
    from monday/09.01.17 onwards.
    Shall I add,hold or sell.
    Thanks for your valuable guidance
    Best regards

    1. Dear Milind, exit Divi’s pharma on bounce, pharma sector is in bearish mode right now, rest all stocks good to hold.

  9. Dear Arvind sir
    please give your view on PNB & RBL BANK
    we have purchases PNB 100Share @120/-
    RBL BANK 200Share @385

    1. Dear Friends, knowledge is more important than anything else specially in stock markets, is dedicated to increase your financial knowledge so that you all can learn and earn and become independent financially.

  10. Pl advise on sundram fastenr purchased at 313.50 .
    Tech mahindra purchased at 493
    Nodal chemical purchase at 134
    All script can hold fr 1month pl advise

  11. Dear Arvind.. What’s ur view on Bank of Baroda for Jan month expiry??? I sold 1 lot @151, will it go down or shall I exit at what price???

  12. i have started reading this blog since last 8days & found the blog interesting being a long term invester i am interested only in lt multibagger ideas

  13. Hi Arvind,

    I just got visited your site today for first time and see some good past recommendations. first of all let me thank you for the wonderful work that you seem to be doing..

    now i have a couple of queries and shall appreciate if you can help me on same :

    1) Are all past recommendations updated on your site? i see 10 recommendations of 2016 reoport card .. were there any others?

    2) I saw the performance report card of your recommendations and all of the recommendations seem to handsome profit except for pushkar which is close to cost however the average % gain of all 10 is 196% which is extreemly impressive. Now my actual question is if some one wants to make profit what should be the exit stretegy? in loss situation one may exit at SL what about profit situation?

    Thank you once again in anticipation of your prompt response to my above queries.

  14. Respected sir,I am new in stock market, how much money can I invest in multibagger stock? My budget is 20000 every month.
    I salute you have Great knowledge.

  15. Dear Arvindji, you have rightly said that knowledge is more important than anything else specially in stock markets. I had seen your article about how to see balance sheet of a company. it was very impressive. But i could not read it in detail and now it has been deleted from your said website. Can you load it again in your said website. If yes, please specify the date.
    Thank you very much in anticipation of your prompt response to my above queries.

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